The Tamale Festival serves the community for two days to reflect on the beauty of family, tradition, and Hispanic contributions to San Jose and the world.

The Tamale Festival’s weekend long event is a multicultural event that is enjoyed by families and friends from all over the San Jose area.

Participants come to showcase their families favorite tamale recipes in hopes of winning the coveted BEST TAMALES title. While sampling some the delicious recipes festival attendees will be treated to some outstanding music and multicultural performances.

The Tamale Festival takes place at the 47 acre Emma Prusch Farm Park located in San Jose, Ca. Emma Prusch Park contans rare fruit orchards, two community gardens, a small animal enclosure and lush lawns and picnic areas. In 2014 The Tamale Festival has become part of The Vibe: Music + Soccer + Food to become even larger than ever before.

Bring out your entire family to indulge in some of the best tamale recipes around!

Location: Emma Prusch Farm Park

Emma Prusch Farm Park's 47 acres includes heritage, high density, and rare fruit orchards, a Plant Science Center, two community gardens, pollinator and butterfly gardens, as well as acres of lush green lawns for picnics and playing. The Park also has a Friendship Forest planted with trees from around the world. The Santa Clara Home Composting Program maintains a demonstration site here as well. And the small farm animal enclosure is home to many typical farm animals including chickens, pigs, and rabbits. Chickens, gunieas, ducks, geese, and peafowl roam the park at will.